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Looking For Up-To-Date Antler Prices?

Each month we talk to a few random antler buyers accross America and ask them how much they are currently paying for antlers (by the pound). We made this list so people can easily view US current antler prices. If you want to know the currently antler prices, then start on this page.

Get current antler prices by clicking here.

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Welcome to AntlerBuyers.Com! The #1 resource to find antler buyers in your local area. Use the map below to find an antler buyer in your local area.

Current Antler Prices:

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Submit your antler buying business

We created this website to help antler sellers FIND antler buyers. If you're an antler buyers, you can submit your business for us to review for free, and if your business passes our guidelines listed here, we will then add your business to our antler buyers directory. Once your business has been listed on the directory, antler sellers can easily find and review your business.