was created in May of 2015 by me, Jon Waraas, as a way for antler sellers to easily find a local antler buyers. I sometimes go antler hunting and would try to sell the good antlers that I find, but found that there was no solid directory of antler buyers in order to contact. So I created this site to help both parties out; antler sellers can easily find local antler buyers, and antler buyers get more leads to buy more antlers.

This website doesn’t really take me too much time to manage, I simply add new antler buyers into the directory, and check the antler prices every 3 months by calling or texting 4 random antler buyers, and then updating the “gay dating older men” page.

I do make money off of ads on this website, do you blame a guy? However, I will never sell any type of “Sponsored” antler buyer listing! All antler buyers on this site are treated equal.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to

AntlerBuyers.Com FAQ:

When was this site created?
May of 2015

Who created this site?

Jon Waraas

Why did Jon create this site?

To help other antler sellers easily find local antler buyers.

How do I add my antler business?
On this page.

Does Jon make money from this website?
Of course. He sells ads.

Does Jon allow “sponsored/boosted/suggested antler buyers”?

Hell no.

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