CM’s Antler Buying

Buying all Elk, Deer and Moose antler. Paying top prices and grading is as honest and true as it gets. Customer service is my #1 priority!!! I travel all over Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota and Northern Colorado. If your interested in selling or for pricing and grading please pm me or call/text me (406) 694-2212. Thanks! I pay more for big sets and singles!

Phone: (406) 694-2212
Facebook: CM’s Antler Buyers

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  1. Good morning,
    I was wondering when or if you will be coming to the Cheyenne area for horns any time soon? I have some elk and deer horns I would like to sale.

  2. Just checking, do you make it over to Bismarck North Dakota? If you are in Montana where are you located at? I’m in Montana quite often.

  3. Have 160 lbs. Brown, hard white elk, 40 lbs deer in great falls, mt. Stop in your travels. Might sell if i like what i hear!

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