Cross Country Antler

My name is Wes Dunn and we are based out of Wyoming, but we travel everywhere for antler as long as there is enough to make the trip worth it. Our phone number is 307-431-6317. Company name is Cross Country Antler.
Quick description of us:
We are antler buyers that will travel all over the west and parts of the Midwest. We buy Elk, Deer, Moose, and Caribou antlers. We offer great prices and excellent grading. We buy all grades of antler from brown to chalks.


    • Hello #Emma I have original deer antlers…and I want to sale it.. if I need? I can contact me +919994269880

    • hi Jessica! we have a guy by the name of joel scott barry who is in Oregon a lot…. his # is 208-403-3140. give him a call and he will help you out next time he is out there. thank you!

  1. Hi my name is Tyler, and i have some hard white/chalk antlers that i would like to sell. I an from Gettysburg South Dakota.

  2. Hi ,I am from Bangladesh and o have an antler which is very old (40 years).
    How can I know the selling way and price?

    Thank you

  3. Hi my name is Joseph Myers I live in Encino California. Do you have anyone out here in California I can speak with I have a few questions I’d like to ask

  4. I’m looking for a left side moose paddle to match a 10 point with a 26 by 10 inch paddle and a large double brow tine. Please let me know if you come up with a possible match and price.

    Darrel Trembly

  5. I have about 80 pair of whitetail antlers from over my lifetime. I am interested in finding someone who may want them. Do you buy anything like that or do you know someone in the central Wisconsin area or anywhere around that may? Thank you!

  6. i have a lot of matching sets of deer antlers and single drops also from a deer farm some sets score over 200 inches from north east wisconsin just wondering if you would be interesed

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