Get Current 2018 Antler Prices

Every 3 or so months I email, message, or call a few random listed antler buyers to find out their current antler prices. I believe that people should know the correct antler prices before selling their horns. Please be aware that these prices are estimates.

Below are the current 2018 antler prices:

Last Update: May 8th, 2018

Elk Grade A: $14 a pound*
Elk Grade B: $10 a pound*
Elk Grade C: $3 a pound*

Whitetail Grade A: $11 a pound*
Whitetail Grade B: $6 a pound*
Whitetail Grade C: $2 a pound*

Mule Grade A: $11 a pound*
Mule Grade B: $6 a pound*
Mule Grade C: $2 a pound*

Moose Grade A: $12 a pound*
Moose Grade B: $6 a pound*
Moose Grade C: $2 a pound*

The prices above should help you calculate how much your antlers are worth currently. Want to sell your antlers? Check out our page here.

* The price is an estimate. We get current antler prices every 3 months by randomly calling, texting, or messaging 3 random antler buyers, and then averaging their prices together.

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