1. I live in Iowa and moved into a house the fellow used to raise elk and I have about 5 sets of antlers in a shed and one head with velvet on in freezer with capes not sure what to do with them would you be interested I can send you a text of what they look like if you would like this evening.

  2. 2017-12-10
    My name is Martins and I’m looking for deer skins and antlers, if you can offer send me details.
    My contacts:
    Email: reisjam@gmail.com
    Skype: augustories55
    GSM/Viber/Wechat/Whatsap: +351-967755373

    • I have deer@ well antlersboth my dad clean them up cut the hair from around them look nice if you have any questions about them please give me a call 719-717-6168 I wasent planning on selling them that were my dads and he past away 2016 but got to pay bills and stressing out how their going to get payed willing to take any offer

  3. Hi Dear

    This is Faisal from Pakistan

    I am looking to buy antlers

    Please let me know

    1- How much Qty do you have per month
    2- What is the price per Lbs., FOB any port USA

    My contact number is as under

    Faisal Rasool
    Cellular & What’s App: 0092-300-844-5825 / 333-4355-996
    Email: faisal.archer@gmail.com

  4. Have 3-4 hundred pounds of deer and elk that need to go. Some this year and some from last year but stored inside. How do we
    Do this?

  5. I have 3 sets of large 6×6 elk antler sheds I would like to sell. Moving out in the next week so would like to sell soon. I am in Redstone CO, and could go to Glenwood Springs or Paonia to meet someone interested in buying if that helps.

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