Hill Country Antler Art

Hill Country Antler Art has been creating custom antler home furnishings and accessories, as well as handcrafted copper cactus chandeliers, etc. since 1992. I am also an antler dealer, buying and selling antlers as well as shed hunting. I offer competitive pricing and fair grading of the antlers. Most antlers are purchased and sold by the pound.

Contact Info:

Business Phone Number: 830-997-2263

Business Website: Antler Art

Business Address:
Hill Country Antler Art
201 E. Creek Street
Fredericksburg, TX

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  1. I have 150 whitetail deer antlers . Various sizes all kills. What do you pay per pound. Most still dark not sun bleached.

  2. Hi , I live in Bulverde now and am a shed hunter and hunter . I come from Illinois and have lots of Illinois sheds . I want to sell and buy some , thank u

  3. We have train box car full of deer antlers – some dark and some white. They vary in size and some are still attached to the skull. Very interested in a buyer.

    • Ginger Williams – I’m sorry that we have not replied to your comment before now. This site had not been previously monitored. If you still have the antlers and are looking for a buyer, please contact me at 830-997-2263 or email me at antler@ktc.com. Thanks!

  4. I have a storage building that I have foreclosed on and it’s full of various antlers including mule deer and elk. I haven’t counted but there is a minimum of 10 pairs of deer antlers and a huge Elk rack, I think a 4X4. I can provide a picture later. Just curious if I could legally sell them to you.

  5. I have a nice elk shed antler one side has nice mass 7 points its still has good brown color. Looking for someone that may be interested in buying it

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