May 8th, 2018 Antler Prices

Antler Price Time frame: May 8th, 2018 – Aug 9th, 2018

Elk Grade A: $14 a pound*
Elk Grade B: $10 a pound*
Elk Grade C: $3 a pound*

Whitetail Grade A: $11 a pound*
Whitetail Grade B: $6 a pound*
Whitetail Grade C: $2 a pound*

Mule Grade A: $11 a pound*
Mule Grade B: $6 a pound*
Mule Grade C: $2 a pound*

Moose Grade A: $12 a pound*
Moose Grade B: $6 a pound*
Moose Grade C: $2 a pound*


  1. I have 7 full sets of elk horns that I would like to sell they are all in good condition stored in my garage. Can you help me out point me in the right direction what do I need to do. I live here in MORENCI AZ THANK YOU

  2. I live in pueblo Colorado and I have some deer an Elk antlers for sale you make offer very good condition nice and clean give me a call if interested need money asap live in pueblo Colorado wherever we got to do to get them to you we will work something out my number is 719-717-6168

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