1. I’m in Mass. I have about 6-7 mounted heads and racks. I probably have close to 150-200 lbs.of sheds and racks all in good condition. Also alot of other ass. hunting … WHAT can I do with it all???

    • This is Michael Hutte with Deer Valley Dog Chews in Kerrville Tx.
      I need a good reliable source for antler sheds.
      Currently using about 4000 lb. of antlers a year.
      I use fallow whitetail Elk antlers.
      What can you supply and when.
      NM. is not that far from here. I could drive over and pick them up.
      To make the trip worth it I need to get 4 0r 5 hundred pounds at a time

    • I’m looking for a large amount of “chalk” elk sheds, meaning bleached out. I will purchase a large amount if you know of anyone.

  2. I found a brown elk antler shed 6.6 lbs, 5 points, and about 44 inches long. Would like a quote. I am at Bluewater Lake.

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