Sell Your Antlers

Do you have some antlers collecting dust? Good news! We can help you sell your antlers. Simply fill out the contact form below and we will look over your antlers and give you a honest price for your antlers.

How Antler Selling Works:

The price of your antlers depend on 3 things: the antlers type, grade, and quantity.

Antler Type: There are a few different antler types that you can sell, such as Elk, Whitetail, Mule, Moose, Reindeer (Caribou), Red Deer, etc.

Antler Grade: There are 3 different antler grades. “Grade A” is the best kind of antlers, which are fresh and brown, with no cracks, rodent chews, or breaks. “Grade B” has some minor rodent chews, breaks, and may not be all the way brown. “Grade 3” is the crappy white antlers that has been weathered and chewed up.

Quantity: The more antlers you have to sell, the better price you will get.

**Note: Most antler buyers will not buy “cut-off” antlers, which have been cut off the animal. Most antler buyers will only buy antler sheds. Infact, antler cut offs are illegal to sell in a lot of states.