Spot’s Pet Supply

Spot’s Pet Supply provides East Nashville with a range of products, and a couple of services, to keep everyone’s pets well-fed and well-groomed. Spots Pet Supply buys antlers for dog chews, and they typically buy at minimum of a few hundred pounds at a time.

Here is an excerpt from their website:

Spot’s Pet Supply provides a range of products for mammals like canines and felines as well as other types of critters for the East Nashville pet community. Our quality products include food, toys, cleaning, crates, beds and much more. We’re hoping that you’ll think of us as more than just a place where you buy food for your critters; we want to be East Nashville’s premier source for pet care – well, except medicine, we’re not animal doctors. Along with our friends at The Dog Spot, we can board, groom and wash your four-legged companions to keep them healthy, happy and beautiful. Our do-it-yourself dog wash is $9.99 for ANY size dog and is available on the weekends for fundraisers for non-profit groups.

Contact Info:

Business Phone Number: 615-208-9900

Business Website:

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  1. Ben selling 500-1000lb of whitetail antlers a year wanting to step it up and find a good buyer. Curious on pricing and pickup or delivery

  2. Hello, I am based in Alaska and run a business here. I usually need about 3 to 4 thousand pounds of fresh reindeer antlers. Are there any sellers that could supply me? I could pay well.

    My email address is HAMJONGWOUK@GMAIL>COM

  3. I have a bout 150 sets of white deer antlers all a great shape would like to sell

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