The Peak Antler Company

The Peak Antler Company manufactures antler chandeliers, furniture, art and antler dog
chews. They use naturally shed antler sourced from the mountains of the rockies. They also
buy antlers from the Colorado communities and from dealers all over the US & Canada.

We Buy Antlers: We Buy Antlers by the Pound, OR, we will make you an antler chandelier
out of your own stock pile! We will buy mule deer, whitetail, elk, moose, fallow deer & axis

Please call or email us for current pricing.

About the company: Maker and artist Jeff Musgrave has been creating Antler
Chandeliers and Antler Furniture for over twenty-five years. Jeff is well-known for
his collaborations with Interior Designers, Architects and homeowners. His Antler
Lighting and Antler Furniture pieces are made-to-order and easily customized.

The Peak Antler Company Address : 219 S West st, Woodland Park, CO 80863 (MEETINGS
The Peak Antler Company Email:
The Peak Antler Company Phone: 719-641-8844
The Peak Antler Company Website:

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    • I have very big elk antlers and about 4 and I have deer antlers as well interested get ahold of me my name is Corey rouse numbers 970 201 0293

  1. Have a nice day.

    I am Emma from Shenzhen Everflame Supply Chain Co., Ltd, and we are a big importer from China.

    We got your information from Google. We are interested in your antlers.

    Do you have antlers in stock now?

    How can I buy your antlers?

    Looking forward to your prompt reply.

    Best regards,


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