Antler Picasso

March 1, 2017 Jon Waraas 6

Antler Picasso Antler Buyers has been regularly buying antlers year-round out West and in the Midwest for well over a decade now. Not only would […]

Idaho Antler Buyer

March 1, 2017 Jon Waraas 1

Idaho Antler Buyer, aka “Snake River Antler Buyer” and “Yellowstone Antlers”, is ran by Donovan Shipton and has been buying and selling antlers for many […]


March 1, 2017 Jon Waraas 0

We specialize in ELK but buy all species and grades of antler. Open every day to buy or sell antlers. Mission: Our mission is to […]

High Country Antler Buyers

March 1, 2017 Jon Waraas 2

Call (970) 390-1332 Facebook page About We buy ALL grades of Deer, Elk, Caribou & Moose antlers! Cash in your pile of sheds […]

Spot’s Pet Supply

December 30, 2016 Jon Waraas 0

Spot’s Pet Supply provides East Nashville with a range of products, and a couple of services, to keep everyone’s pets well-fed and well-groomed. Spots Pet […]

Buckhorn Crafters

December 30, 2016 Jon Waraas 1

Buckhorncrafters is a business that buys, sells, and trades antler. We buy year round, and have a proven reputation of always taking care of our […]

Hill Country Antler Art

December 30, 2016 Jon Waraas 7

Hill Country Antler Art has been creating custom antler home furnishings and accessories, as well as handcrafted copper cactus chandeliers, etc. since 1992. I am […]